Why Wheatgrass?

Because it's 70% CHLOROPHYLL

What is it?

Wheat grass is a body cleanser, rebuilder, and a neutralizer of toxin.

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 Wheat Grass is a Complete Food!!!

Eggs are not a complete food.

 Beans are not a complete food.

Carrots are not a complete food.

Cheese is not a complete food.

Even combining these foods will not give you the vitamins, minerals and

 chlorophyll you will recieve from Wheat Grass Juice. Researchers report that every known vitamin has been segregated from Wheat Grass in the amounts and qualities best suited for the use in the bodies of human beings and animals. Consider using a food dehydrator when preparing your delicious natural food recipies!

  • 15lbs of fresh Wheat Grass is equivilent to 350 lbs of the Choicest Vegetables.


  •  Wheat Grass is a major source of CHLOROPHYLL . Wheat Grass contains 70% crude chlorophyll.


  •  Chlorophyll is concentrated sun power. The chlorophyll molecule bears close resemblance to hemoglobin. The difference: The central element in blood is iron. The central element in chlorophyll is magnesium.

Cases of peritonitis, brain tumor, pyorrhea and skin disorders have been cured by chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has been used to sucessfully treat all forms of ear, nose and thoat problems. It is effective on chronic ulcers.

Chlorophyll increases the function of the heart, affects the vascular system, the intestine, the uterus and is therefor a tonic which, considering it's stimulating properties, cannot be compared with any other.

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